New for Fall/Winter 2020:


Because of me, Merrick was dead and the killer was free.

But now I had a new duty.

I could not speak, but I could tell.

Left for dead by a murderous spy, Labrador Retriever Pilgrim is rescued by Magdalen Haven. Magdalen has traced her father to smugglers’ haven Cornwall to prove he was no traitor despite disappearing with thousands of pounds of gold on the notorious Guinea Run to Napoleonic France. Now Pilgrim and the only other witness to the killing, Cheddar, a sarcastic orange tabby, must aid Magdalen with their natural detective abilities in order to unmask the murderer, prove her father’s innocence, and save their own lives.


Then spy catcher Major Felix Abbey arrives to find Magdalen up to her neck in mystery and murder and the animal detectives must work to save Magdalen from prison. But they make a shocking discovery that could doom them all—

Somehow, he knows we understand, Cheddar mewed.

How could we fight a killer who could see through our best weapon and our only defense?

How could we defeat a killer who knew that we knew?

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