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Lose yourself in Regency Cornwall at Halloween time, when a heroic Labrador, a wisecracking tabby cat, and a stable full of other animals must outwit wily smugglers, Napoleon's spies, and even a legendary ghost with a broken heart, to track down the mastermind behind a series of baffling murders.


In a world where no one is who he seems, who can Pilgrim the Labrador trust to help him save his new mistress? Or is she hiding a deadly secret of her own?

Rich with suspense, love, and laughter; full of the sights, sounds, and tastes of Regency Cornwall, this eagerly awaited second cozy mystery by Hillari DeSchane will delight fans of her award-winning debut A Christmas Tail: A Regency Holiday Mystery.  Let Hillari take you on a thrilling and heartwarming journey from laughter to tears and back again, as a faithful Labrador learns the true meaning of courage, loyalty, and family.

Genre: Cozy pet mystery, historical setting.


Family friendly, God honoring, for ages 13 and up.


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$3.99 digital/$13.99 paperback